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Vexana Best Build for Insane Damage and Penta Kill

Vexana is the most over power hero lately in the Mobile Legends. So I decided to make this Vexana best build guide to get insane damage. Vexana is on sale for the first 7 days for 419 (after discount) or 32.000 battle points. Vexana is a magic role which has very powerful skills and deals insane magic damage just like eudora does. Sometimes I think that Eudora is overpower for 2k battle points price hero, but imagine what will Vexana does as she is 32k battle points price.

At first, the right ability to choose is the middle one, with this ability you can get first blood easily with this overpower Vexana. Vexana comes with high offense and ability effects, she uses 4 skills in the game, one passive and the other three are casters. Vexana passive skill is Necromancy Spell, curses an enemy target with this spell and she eliminates the target while under her spell, the target bursts and deals insane damage to nearby enemy team units.

This necromancer mage first caster is Charmed Specter, launches a dark hand in a specific direction and any enemy who caught by the hand will lose control and go towards Vexana. The second skill is Nether Snare, summons a deadly field at a specific area and deals area damage. Her ulti is Cursed Oath, curses an enemy and the target loses damage/second. If the same target dies under her spell, then it will resurrect and controlled by vexana for 10 seconds.

The best way to use Vexana skills is: First, pull the enemy closer with Charmed Specter then use Nether Snare. In some case enemy will easily die, but if target still “breathing” then go with ult. With this Vexana best build guide you can easily eliminate an enemy and make them as your slaves!

Vexana Best Build Guide / Vexana Penta Kill Build

Here is the item build guide from the first Vexana penta kill from Gemik.

vexana best build

  • Enchanted Talisman – Your mana will restore in every 10 seconds, you need this item to regen mana as you need to have as much mana as possible. Please be notice with her mana bar, don’t let Vexana has only 1/5 of the mana bar if you want to eliminate your enemy in open battle.
  • Arcane Boots – You will get additional 15 magic power and +40 movement speed. It’s important to increase movement speed in case you’re almost die and need to run to the nearest turret.
  • Glowing Wand – With this item you will get +75 additional magic power, +5% movement speed and +15 magic penetration. Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, deal 2-3% of the target’s current HP as magic damage.
  • Devil Tears – additional +65 magic power, +40% magic penetration.
  • Holy Crystal – additional +90 magic power, +25% magic power unique. After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15 percent.
  • Blood Wings – +150 magic power, +150 HP. Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.


With this build a gamer called Gemik got the world’s first penta kill for Vexana. Vexana is an insane over power hero that deals insane damage, with this vexana best build you will eliminates enemy team easily just in seconds. Hope this perfect build for vexana helps you, if you have another good build or have question please feel free to leave a comment below.

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