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Lapu Lapu Best Build: Max Damage Guide

Moontoon finally released the Mobile Legends new hero called lapu lapu. Lapu lapu is the heroic national hero of the Phillipines. The character design is truly outstanding to represent the Phillipines-based hero. The price to get this new hero is 32.000 battle points or 599 diamonds. Moontoon give us 30% discount for the first week of launching this new fighter hero of Mobile Legends. Lapu lapu has so many abilities and that abilities can give our enemy so much damage, it is completely insane and perfect hero for those who like to be assasins. Let see what is the lapu lapu best build.

The best build for this hero is by set all the item slot to blade of despair, which will give you the highest amount of damage with his abilities.

At first, get the “Hunter’s Knife” item to get 20% damage to monster. Jungle as much as possible to levelling up, before your enemy does. Please keep in note that the second ultimate (the middle) of lapu lapu is much stronger than the first one (the top one). With Hunter’s knife item, we can jungle and farming really fast.

The second ability can also be used for speed up your movement, pretty much like moskov did but in different way. Using lapu lapu with blade of despair items and with the blue+red buff can give the enemy a lot of damage, even though the enemy is a tank. Don’t forget to kill the turtle to get more gold for yourself and team mate as the best use of this lapu lapu best build.

Lapu Lapu abilties details:

lapu lapu best build - skills

Hero’s Faith

Lapu lapu will receive 1 layer of bravery blessing each time his abilities hit a hero. When stacked to 5 layers, his basic attack will deal extra damage and it will give him a shield that can offer 500-1200 HP of resistance.

Justice Blade

Light sword state – Boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade will deal 120 physical damage to enemies hit on the way out and coming back. Heavy sword state – Casts a giant flying wheel forward which deal 300 physical damage to enemies hit.

Brave Stance

Light sword state – Rushes in a specified direction brandishin twin blades, dealing 100 physical damage to enemies on the way. If this ability hits an enemy hero then it will increase your movement speed for a short time. Heavy sword state – Rushes in a specified direction brandishing a heavt sword, dealing 250 physical damage to enemies. After casting this skills, one’s physical and magic defense will increase 20, last for 5s.

Chieftain’s Rage

Light sword state – Combine twin blades into one heavy sword and slashes forward, dealing 400 physical damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 0.8s. Afterward, the hero will enter the heavy sword state, lasting 15s. Heavy sword state – In Heavy Sword State, basic attack damage will increase 20%. Active: Whirls weapons and deals 600 physical dmg to surrounding area.


Even though this is just a test for the massive max damage of lapu lapu, I’m not recommending this if you’re playing in advance server. If you found any good build, please let us know by leave a comment below. Hope this lapu lapu best build guide helps you.

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